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Antarcticups 2023 Limited Edition 10oz Mug



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With these cups, my mind goes back to the white spaces, and extraordinary characters I met with whilst in Antarctica. I feel so lucky to have seen an environment, relatively free from human interaction. It was an almost pristine eco system that had existed there, until recently. In the wildlife, there was a playfulness, devoid of predators, a felt balance rarely seen. It is alarming to know now that those environs are on the brink of change. They are so prone. Especially around the Antarctic Peninsula, which is warming faster than any other place on the planet. Also, with the use of explorative robotics, and the overfishing of Krill, (the most vital link in the food chain) the need for policies, and MPA’s (Marine Protected Areas) is now crucial in my mind. 

By offering these cups into people’s homes, hearts, to be used daily, it is my tiny way to raise awareness, to protect the penguins, krill, fish, whales, salp and seals of this remarkable region and space. 

-Miranda Thomas


A limited collection for Winter 2023, each 10oz Mug is hand painted and signed by Miranda Thomas.  They feature playful penguins, whales, and albatrosses all in search of tasty fish and krill.  Painted in blue on our simple white background.  

These are one-of-a-kind and cannot be special ordered.