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Black Carved Antarctic Platter with Kintsugi 

This piece developed a very small crack, which will not open up or change, in firing. Miranda decided to use the centuries-old Japanese art of kintsugi to highlight in a beautiful way this little repair. Kintsugi is associated with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, an embracing of the flawed, imperfect, and decaying. The technique involves laying a very fine line of 23 karat gold in the crack to fill the space, making it stronger and highlighting the repair rather than hiding it.  

Justifying this valuable repair is the most beautiful Antarctic scene that Miranda has depicted.  It highlights the delicate balance of life in the Southern seas, so familiar to our family. Central is the majestic blue whale surrounded by the multitude of krill upon which it and our beloved penguins all depend upon for food.

Decorated and signed by Miranda Thomas

Wired for hanging

13" diameter