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Hand Forged Wall Hook by Judson Dunne



Made by our friend, Judson Dunne of Misty Mountain Forge, these beautiful (and useful) hand forged wall hooks and fireplace tools are in harmony with our belief in the importance of handmade goods and fostering the creativity and industry of the people around us.

From his website: 

"Judson Dunne has always been fascinated by moving metal with his own hands. Even at a young age, he would build foundries to melt down aluminum cans. He even dabbled in making ARC furnaces with parts from microwaves and making dangerously high voltage Tesla coils, all before the age of ten. When he was fourteen, he saw a video on blacksmithing and instantly fell in love. After reversing the polarity of his father's shop vac to blow air into a straight pipe that was under a bed of coals, Judson had built his first Forge and was well on his way to becoming a blacksmith. After years of practicing and technique building, Judson is ready to add an authentic and rustic feel to your home."