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Miranda Thomas Pottery is a traditional workshop studio with a talented team of potters dedicated to making pots by hand, using time-honored techniques of the past that are rapidly disappearing in this technological age. They shape each pot by hand, and freehand decorate in a variety of styles and designs created by Miranda Thomas.

Miranda Thomas is a renowned potter based in Vermont, born in New York but raised in Italy, Australia, and England. Introduced to pottery at the age of 16, she has since apprenticed and worked with some of the world’s most notable potters, including Michael Cardew CBE, with whom she received her most significant training, as well as Alan Caiger-Smith OBE. Her pottery is collected in hundreds of homes, including those of celebrities and dignitaries. She has designed diplomatic gifts for President Barack Obama, then Vice President Joe Biden, UN Secretary Generals Ban Ki Moon and Kofi Annan, and the Clinton, Obama, and Biden administrations, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Pope Francis and former President Bill Clinton's gift to Pope John Paul II, as well as pieces for The United Nations Associations.