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"With the coming of spring, I wanted to create some vases that were light and airy with a tremendous feeling of lift and joy, to be trumpet like, true harbingers of Spring. 

I have always been mesmerized by the classic early golden lusters of the, Egyptian Fatimid Wares (10th-11th CE) and wanted to capture that feeling of their quiet lustrous gold.

For these vases, I left the porcelain surface unglazed on the outside and lined them with my turquoise “Blue Sky” glaze. Once fired to porcelain temperature, I painted the gold directly onto the already fired, raw surface. It is delicious painting freehand on the cool marble-like fired clay. The brush just soars, and one’s mind floats to the feeling of spring. So, I embellished them with birds perching, singing, flying amongst the scrolling vines and flowering blossom branches. 

Once fired, the gold takes on the patina of ancient gold -- soft and sublime. 

The trumpet necked, bellied shape, is perfect for holding the first flowers: daffodils and tulips, and branches of apple and plum."

-Miranda Thomas

February 2022

This limited series for Early Spring 2022 is hand thrown porcelain with our Blue Sky glaze coating the interior and individually painted with 24 Karat gold by Miranda Thomas.  Each features plum blossoms, birds, and occasionally other creatures.  

Each vase is sold individually and cannot be special ordered.  

The large vase is approximately 9 1/2" tall and 5 1/4" at the widest point.  Each is slightly different.